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Traffic violations and you

A simple moving violation on your traffic record can have major consequences for you down the road: higher insurance premiums, points on your record, heavy fines, and more. You don't have to just accept your ticket. Fighting your tickets in court can often result in a reduced sentence and a quicker resolution.

Square Square

- Speeding tickets

- Parking tickets

- Misdemeanors

- DUI charges

- And more!

What we handle:

You can get a lower sentence, fine, or even an outright dismissal when you take the time to fight your traffic violation. You'll be surprised at how much you can save. Mr. Meyers is available to help write your complaint or to appear in court.

Get good counsel before you pay that fine

Don't risk your license and your ability to get around by simply signing off on a ticket without an experienced attorney's input.

We'll protect your rights and keep you rolling. 414-543-4000